High Adventure Ranch’s Breeding Methods Produce Elusive Trophy Whitetail Deer

High Adventure Ranch invests in a natural breeding method to develop the prized Trophy Whitetail Deer that will appeal to large game hunters.

The North American Whitetail Deer is one of the most proliferate game animals for hunting. However, due to the popularity and living conditions of this breed, finding quality Trophy Whitetail Deer can be a difficult quest for any hunter. High Adventure Ranch located in Cook Station, Missouri, provides a breeding haven for Whitetail Deer allowing the magnificent animal to mature to a trophy age. As a result of a natural breeding program and structured population control, High Adventure Ranch can guarantee Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts to an exclusive group of hunters every year.

“The standards for Trophy Whitetails are complicated by the fact that the animal is so abundant in North America,” said Brad Puff, Office Manager for High Adventure Ranch. “As a result, a true Trophy Whitetail Deer is difficult to find. Because we control our Whitetail Deer population with natural methods, we are able to breed trophy Whitetail Deer that meet Safari Club International standards. As a result, hunters who are seeking the ultimate trophy have the opportunity to bring home their prize from High Adventure Ranch.”

Trophy Whitetail Deer typically are only found in areas with extremely low hunting or in controlled populations. This is why many hunters choose to stalk this animal on private land where the population can be controlled. High Adventure Ranch’s Trophy Whitetail breeding program includes continually changing the genetics, providing a never-ending supply of minerals, and growing the deer's own food in a natural state. Additionally, the ranch controls the hunting of potential trophy animals to ensure the bucks reach maturity.

“Our goal is the growth of ‘Mega Bucks,’ carrying a minimum of 8 to 12 points with widths up to 28+ inches. However, we also have a large number of Trophy Deer having 8 to 10 points minimum with a width just short of 15 inches. We allow our Whitetail Deer to breed naturally by introducing new genetic lines to the herd and providing a specialized diet that is tailored to these magnificent animals. We protect the animals that have not reached this point to ensure that every season we have a supply of Trophy Whitetail Deer available to hunters”.