Whitetail Deer Hunting FAQ

High Adventure Ranch has been serving discriminating hunters since 1983. If you are interested in trophy Whitetail hunting, here are some questions that you need to ask yourself.

Should I hunt on public or private land?
The type of hunt that you want to engage in is very much a personal choice. Certainly, public land has some benefits, but these areas are often very crowded and a can be unsafe at times. These lands are often very aggressively hunted and rarely yield many trophy bucks. High Adventure Ranch only offers guided whitetail hunts to invited guests and your safety is of the utmost importance to us.

If I go to a private hunting area, what is the quality of the area’s herd?
The quality of a herd is highly related to the land, food, and hunting management techniques employed for an area. At High Adventure Ranch, we have been for over 20 years to yield one of the highest quality herds in the United States. Furthermore, the quality of our deer is always improving due to genetic changes accomplished through the introduction of new herd sires on an annual basis.

What are my odds of bagging a trophy whitetail of 150 B&C category or larger?
Your odds of bagging a 150 B&C (or larger) Whitetail should be accomplished within two days. One-day kills are the norm, but a second day is recommended in the event of a cripple.

How many Whitetail bucks will I see during a normal day of hunting?
Due to the size of our ranch this is difficult to answer, but we maintain large herds of Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young high scoring trophy Whitetail and our experienced guides are experts at helping you find them.

What are the costs?
If you consider the cost of hunting the Whitetail trophy of your dreams for just one season and multiply that by all of the years that you’ve been chasing that dream, we are sure that you’ll find hunting at the High Adventure Ranch very reasonably priced. Hunting licenses only cost $5 and we offer very competitive rates for top quality deer. Click here for our current prices on Whitetail Hunts.