Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

North America's deer, particularly the Whitetail with a world of some 15 million, are collectively our most common and most widespread game animals. Yet, they are enigmatic in that it is difficult to obtain really fine trophies of any of the four species on this continent.

The Whitetail Deer exists as a classic example of "management for quantity." Antler growth is dependent upon good minerals, food sources, and genetics and few areas produce top quality racks. This combined with the fact that few areas exist where hunting pressure is light enough to allow for a significant number of bucks to reach full maturity and you can understand how challenging trophy Whitetail hunting can be.

Because Whitetail Deer are so common, it also takes a really superlative animal to meet the minimums for the Safari Club International or any other record book. Because of this, the trophy hunter needs to look for areas that have been only lightly hunted or managed for trophy quality bucks on private land.

High Adventure Ranch follows a program of continually changing the genetics, providing a never-ending supply of minerals, and growing the deer's own food in a natural state. Our goal, like a few of the better ranches, is the growth of "Mega Bucks" carrying a minimum of 8 to 12 points with widths up to 28+ inches. Read more about our Trophy Whitetail breeding methods

Naturally, all of our deer do not grow into "Mega Bucks” so we also have a large number of Trophy Deer having 8 to 10 points minimum with a width just short of 15 inches. Any Deer that does not meet these standards is normally protected from hunting until he reaches maturity.